Our business is facilitating yours

At Argent Scientific, we believe that there is no request too obscure, no quantity too large or small.


Custom Manufacturing

If we can’t find it, we can make it. Our experienced team of scientists can make products in microgram to multi-kilogram scale. Right here in Sydney.


Custom Sourcing

We provide our global commercial, government and research client base with high quality antigens, building blocks, catalysts, reagents and reference standards sourced through our extensive supplier network.


We provide our commercial, government and research clients all around the world with high quality antibodies, building blocks, catalysts, proteins and reagents sourced through our extensive supplier network.

Current Capabilities; Sydney, Australia

  • Analysis of samples (IR, GC, LC, MALDI, MS, NMR, Raman, UV-Vis) in cooperation with the University of Sydney
  • Catalyst Preparation
  • Genetic characterisation & identification
  • Global Dangerous Goods Logistics brokerage; by air, road or sea
  • Importation of microorganisms & strains
  • Inorganic Synthesis
  • Microbial fermentation up to 50 L
  • Microbial metabolite production
  • Organic Synthesis from 10 mL to 10 L glass reactor size
  • Organometallic reagent synthesis & inert gas packaging
  • Peptide Coupling & Solid Phase Synthesis
  • Process Development up to 500 L
  • Purification & Recycling of Solvents for Chromatography
  • Universal Testing & Engineering Certification

Current Capabilities, By Partner Country

  • cGMP manufacturing (Germany, Switzerland)
  • Fluorine chemistry (United Kingdom)
  • High Pressure Reactors, Hydrogenation (New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom)
  • Microbial fermentation 200-20,000 L (India)
  • Microorganism strain libraries (Germany)