Large chemistry set, 9 pieces


Large chemistry set, 9 pieces by Hammacher Intrumente

this includes:

HSN 007-13, 130mm micro-spatula, double ended, flexible
HSN 090-18, 185 mm spatula, double ended, non-flexible
HSN 412-17, 170 mm weighing scoop, 10 x 40 mm (LB x LL)
HSN 061 – 15, 150 mm micro-spoon-spatula, spoon 5 x 7 mm
HSL 510-17, 170 mm scissors, straight, serrated
HSN 068-15, 150 mm spatula, wide type, both ends round
HSN 034-18, 185 mm micro-powder-spatula, double ended, flexible
HSN 168-18, 180mm poly-spoon
HSC 804-16, 160mm forceps, sharp, simple type


Since 1922, Hammacher has created these instruments in their Solingen, Germany facility. The resulting instruments are unsurpassed, and this superiority is evident in their look and feel, and unquestionably in their performance.

The name Hammacher stands for quality instruments made in Solingen. Careful, skilled workers make all efforts to meet the needs of every customer with quality and performance and to maintain trust in the manufactured products.

Hammacher instruments are made from a special hard grade German Solingen stainless steel.


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