About The Company Owner

In 1997, then a 9-year-old, Andrew Kirkby wrote to one of the major chemical suppliers, attempting to buy some Potassium nitrate to make some backyard fireworks, like many other ventures – to the disappointment of his parents. “Thanks, but call us when you’re older” was the reply he received. In 2013, now a little older but still curious and fascinated by chemistry, Andrew attempted to open an account with the same company to obtain some materials to make photography developers and was rejected for unknown “company policy reasons”. Frustrated but not deterred, Andrew decided to start his own business supplying hobbyists and scientists alike. Since that time, Argent Scientific has changed focus to supply the education, government, industrial, life science research and medicinal chemistry organisations with an extensive range of materials sourced from our worldwide supplier portfolio and are totally committed to lowering the environmental impact of the chemical and life sciences industries by utilising recycling, internal waste processing and process heat recovery technologies. We haven’t forgotten our roots; we’re also a preferred supplier to the citizen science & biohacking communities.